Q. So, what is Q3Log?
A. Well, servers for games like Quake 3 Arena can be told to produce large log files detailing who killed who and with what. Q3Log takes these files and produces HTML output that gives stats for all the users. You end up with a main table of users which can be updated frequently.

Q. What do I need to use it?
A. Having a Quake 3 Arena server running would be a good plan. You will also need a Java Runtime Environment at least. At the moment, Q3Log supports Java 2 1.2.2 or later. You will then probably need a Webserver to actually show the output pages to the masses.

Q. I get some error like 'NoSuchMethodError', what does this mean?
A. You are running a version of Java that Q3Log doesnt support. This means that Q3Log will be trying to use certain methods that hadnt been written when they released your version of Java. You will need to upgrade your Java version to at least 1.2.2. If it is already, then e-mail me a bug report.

Q. I get some error like 'The log file games.log was not found', what does this mean?
A. This is perfectly normal. It means the log file 'games.log' doesnt exist. If you are sure it does then you need to check the paths etc. If you have the delete flag set to true, be aware that if you run Q3Log twice in a row the file will not be there the second time. If you just want to produce the output again using the existing data, use the output type.

If you have any more questions then e-mail me at q3logfaq@wilf.co.uk