There are many versions of Q3Log available. As a rule of thumb, the later the version the slower the program will be to produce the output due to increased functionality. However, even the latest version shouldnt take more than a few seconds, so the choice is yours.
The following are the versions available for download:

Version Readme Download
2.3 View Zip Tarball
2.2 View Zip Tarball
2.1 View Zip Tarball
2.0 View Zip Tarball
1.5 View Zip Tarball
1.4 View N/A N/A
1.3 View Zip Tarball
1.2 View Zip Tarball
1.1 View Zip Tarball
1.0 View N/A N/A

Note: You use this product at your own risk. Every effort has been made to ensure that the files are virus free and that they wont damage any files on your hard disk, but no gaurantees are given. This program is free for you to use, so don't complain too much if it breaks. I try to address any bugs as soon as I find out about them, but this is not my full time job so no promises are made on the speed of bug fixes. This does not affect your statutory rights, because nothing can.