Welcome to the home of Q3Log Quake 3 Arena Log Parser. To navigate this site, simply click a menu option on the left.

Q3Log is a powerfull log file parser/stats generator for Quake 3 Arena log files. It takes standard Quake 3 Arena log files and generates cut down versions which it stores and adds to with any new log files. These cut down log files are then used to generate stats pages. The default is to produce HTML style output, but you can change this to simple text, XML, or pretty much anything you like.

The output is produced from parsed input templates. These are easy to modify and use HTML style tages for the data. With a little imagination you can generate an amazing range of styles with Q3Log, with only a basic understanding of HTML needed. If you dont have the time, inclination or skills to modify the output, you can use one of the 3 standard styles that come with the Q3Log by default (Note: Versions before 2.3 come with only the 'default' style). If you have created a style that you think should be included in the basic download then e-mail me with the template files and your details and I will include them in the next install file, or put them on this webpage as a seperate download, with a note to say you wrote them.

Q3Log will also generate stats for Rocket Arena 3, Urban Terror and Headhunters 3 'out of the box'. If you have some experience of Java then its very easy to add support for new modifications, or even modify it to use a completely different games log files, as long as they are in a similar format to Q3a.

Everything supplied is written entirely in Java, and should work with Java 2 (1.2.2) and higher. A full Runtime Environment is needed to use this program and it should work under any OS there is a Runtime Environment for.

Its distributed under the GPL license with full source code. You are free to make modifications to it and redistribute it as per the GPL license agreements. Full details of the GNU General Public License (GPL) is available at